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Ok, I'm keeping this on a timely schedule. I'd hoped to have the last two posts ready today as the ending allows me to make a parable quite easily with SOPA and censorship, but that will have to wait.

Part 1
Part 2

We ended the last chapter with the young man having joined the army to fight in the first world war. There is quite a bit of politics and history in the beginning of this chapter, but I've opted to focus on the second more graphical part of this small chapter here, so we'll be skipping that(it would just be a huge text dump to be honest as I'm not such a good teller when it comes to the history of my country).

I should note that this is my favourite chapter both due to the subject matter of it as well as the art which complements the concept and the terror of war in a way which I haven't seen that many books do as perfectly. The following pages are just that, some of my favourite of the whole book and believe me, it pained me to reduce them to just 4.

Join me beyond the cut... and lets hope this doesn't end up lost and unloved in the Wednesday rush )


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