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Here's where I tell a bit about some of my earliest comic experiences. It's hard to say where I began. I think my first comics were Spider-man and the Hulk but god knows I'll never remember the stories or issues.

The earliest comic I read and actually had a lasting memory of is this, Planet of the Capes, a story by Larry Young and Brandon McKinney and is of course an Indy book having been published by the two through AiT/PlanetLar. It's also the first comic that I read that had characters who paid homage/resembled/were based off of more well known heroes and also was a big social commentary at times about the comic industry.

Reviews on the story are very far between some saying the story had no real point, went by too fast etc...and for a 72 page story that featured characters made for the story I suppose that's true but boy it's a very fun read for me.

I'll post 12 pages from it going until roughly the middle of the story and will post its rather startling ending at a later time, probably in a week or so.

Oh and most of the comic is in black and white except for a small bit in the center (which you'll see a bit of)

Time to meet the Capes: Justice Hall, Strongman Schaff, The Grand and Kastra )


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