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How about a little Blue Devil v. Trickster to get this party rockin'? Say, 7 of 23 pages from Blue Devil #8, Jan. 85, with Keith Giffen on guest pencils?

So, Dan Cassidy has convinced Trickster to stand up to The Organization which has marked him for death, and he and Sharon are driving Jesse cross-country to a safe haven, when suddenly it's life as a Looney Tunes cartoon:

I'm already up to my earring in this! )
The idea of a mobile bank in transit just reminded me too much of s_d to pass up, gang.
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Because I thought it was interesting to know what kind of guy a magical princess is supposed to fight and what kind of guy does she get involved with? (6 scans under cut)
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This is from the limited series Amethyst for [personal profile] greenmask, who says she's never seen it. Dial-up unfriendly.

Amy Winston is a normal girl in the DCU who's coming home to open her birthday present from her parents. Unbeknownst to them, a lizard familiar has switched gifts.


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