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Warren Ellis's barbarian protagonist returns.

The original Wolfskin mini-series was done as as a bet, after the publisher of Avatar challenged Ellis to come up with a sword and sorcery series, a genre he had and has no interest in. I have no idea if there's been another bet, but for whatever reason Ellis has decided to return to the well with a new mini, Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream.

Four pages from issue 1 )

creator: warren ellis, creator: mike wolfer, title: wolfskin, publisher: avatar press, creator: gianluca pagliarani
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Hey there, fellow comic aficionados. I present to you the imagination candy that is Ignition City. It's by Warren Ellis, and for my money, it's the strongest out of all the various mini-series and series he's put out for Avatar. If you've seen HBO's Deadwood and found yourself wishing that the show had rockets with fins and ray-guns in it, then this is the comic for you!

Meet the residents of Ignition City. )

creator: warren ellis, title: ignition city, creator: gianluca pagliarani, publisher: avatar press
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...but it's really more than that.

Aetheric Mechanics was a graphic novella written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Gianluca Pagliarani. It's an alternate history/science fiction/detective story.

The Case of the Man Who Wasn't There )

tags-- creator: warren ellis, publisher: avatar press, creator: gianluca pagliarani
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Title: Aetheric Mechanics (Avatar Press, 2008, 46 pages)
Creators: Warren Ellis (writer), Gianluca Pagliarani (pencils)
Availability: In print.

A Sherlock Holmes pastiche as written by Warren Ellis. When I first posted this back at the old comm, I described it as "what awesome will be once it grows hair on its chest and finds the confidence to talk to girls". I stand by this opinion.

It's not what you think.

Anyway -- good book. Lots of fun. Deserves your money.


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