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Robotech in both comic and anime form was one of the first series I came across that didn't talk down to kids, and showed lasting consequences of actions. It was also the first time I saw a special issue devoted to the marriage of a character (yeah Spider-man tied the knot two years earlier and Mr. Fantastic a couple decades before that, but I wasn't around for those). I'd place their Japanese counterparts Hikaru, and Misa above Rick, and Lisa, but that'd require posting Japanese scans as the only official English language Macross comics are the Macross II ones done by Viz.

Shown are 7 pages from Robotech the Macross Saga #36, where the Rick-Minmei-Lisa love triangle is finally resolved, and 9 pages from Robotech II The Sentinels Wedding Special #2 (which has 29 pages of story content).

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I'm a Canadian of Norweigan, German and whoever knows what else heritage I'm so totally white. I don't have a ranked order of who is the best PoC character or anything like that, I don't feel it's my place to decide who best represents a group, there are characters I like who are PoC, but I don't feel that I should be ranking them against each other based on that criteria.

Since some of the obvious choices have been picked, decided to post up something a bit more obscure the Grant family in Robotech.. namely Claudia Grant from the Macross Saga, her brother Vince Grant from Sentinels, and his son Bowie from Robotech Masters.

Now Claudia, and Bowie had no connection in the original Japanese shows Robotech is based off of, because the stories of those shows weren't connected... and maybe it's a bit problematic that all the black characters happen to be close relatives, but it did help create a sense of continuity between a disjointed series... so without further ado the Grants.

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Okay, to my own surprise, this is the next in my list of my "Accentuate the Positive" posts, and it features some of my least favourite art.... weird huh?

Anyway, this is from Malibu Comics Ultraverse, the comic company that Marvel don't like to talk about any more.

The Ultraverse started in the early 90's, with a slew of titles, some good, some not so good (IMHO of course) but had set up an interesting universe for itself. It was then bought up by Marvel Comics, who did a few crossovers which were forgettable or actively not good and no one likes to remember (and for good reason) and then the whole thing sort of got forgotten, which is a shame.

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