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Looking at [personal profile] whitesycamore 's posting of Halo Jones, reminded me that in the earlier post, someone noted we don't have any DR and Quinch on S_D.... and that just plain ain't right!

DR and Quinch are the creations of Alan Moore and Alan Davis back in 1983, and if that combo doesn't at least leave you wanting to see a LITTLE more, then you can check your geek cred at the door methinks. ;)

Our Devastating Duo had many adventures, but this is their introduction to the readership of planet Earth.

They first appeared, not in their own strip, but as one of Alan Moore's legendary contributions to 2000AD's "Time Twisters" series; short, done-in-one stories with the core concept of time travel somewhere within them. Moore's tended to be VERY clever and elegantly convoluted... but, as you will see, not ALL of them.

I should add that, as is nearly always the case in Moore and/or Davis work, cutting it to a 1/3 is a positively painful work. This is approximately 2 pages out of 6, and I hope this might encourage you to seek out the collected works, because I've had to hack great swathes of fun out of it.

So, without further ado.

D.R. and Quinch have fun on Earth )


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