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Love the latest of Matt Moylans www.lilformers.com/

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Heh, I only discovered this weeks Lil'formers this morning! I LIKE it! :)

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char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: matt moylan, title: lilformers, genre: webcomic
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This isn't the most recent of news, but Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed as Hal for the upcoming GL movie.  Now, while I was exploring internet rabbit trails from the Pat Lee post, which lead me to Matt Moylan's comment about the guy, which led me back to Lil'Formers, which I haven't read in a while.  I decided to get caught up, and I found this image he came up with.  Enjoy!

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Another gem from Lil' Formers that I felt like sharing while I plot global domination put together some more GenX posts.

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