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I've shocked, SHOCKED AND DISMAYED by the lack of Marvel Adventures: Spider-man (or as comiclist puts it "Spider-man (Marvel Adventures)" or as all right-thinking indviduals puts it: The AWESOME Spider-man.

The cute is strong with this one! Oh, and spoilers.

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I give you folks three slightly bitter-sweet pages from the latest Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, wherein Petey has to deal with being forcibly benched, following his injuries from Bullseye.

Your beautiful, mutant girlfriend is not done talking. )

(Also, if you don't like Chat, this is not the post for you.)

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Following up on my previous post, I bring you the continuing saga of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man.

A boy.
His girlfriend.
And his girlfriend's owl.

One preview page from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 4 )
See the rest of the preview over at CosmicBookNews.
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Caught between two beautiful women, pressing him for information, what can our intrepid (and adorable) hero do?

Find out on these two pages from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 3 )

From the same version of Spidey that was "--summoning the spiders... BECAUSE I'M SPIDER-MAN!!" ladies and gents. :D


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