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So earlier I posted a look at the Silver Age Mighty Crusaders . Despite this well.. dubious start for a super-hero franchise Archie decided to bring back their Radio Comics, Mighty Comics, Red Circle Entertainment imprint and try their hand at superheroes again. This time the book was handled by writer/artist/editor Richard Buckler. Can he succeed where "Jerry Ess" and "Paul Are" failed? Find out.

4 Pages from Mighty Crusaders Vol 2 #1 )

title: Mighty Crusaders
creator: Richard Buckler
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Since DC recently announced a new Mighty Crusaders series I thought I'd take a moment to take a look back at the original Mighty Crusaders.

Here's the ending of Fly-Man #32, the story is "Eterno the Tyrant" written by Superman creator Jerry Seigel (billed under the pen-name Jerry Ess) and drawn by Paul Reinman (credited as Paul Are.)

5 pages of 30, You'll never guess how this ends. )

Title: Mighty Crusaders
Creator: Jerry Seigel
Creator: Paul Reinman
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I would rather just consider this the quintessential Mighty Crusaders page, and consider the series the foremost example of pure dada in comics. Or, perhaps, anywhere.


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