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The American comic book industry, or at the very least the superhero genre, was pretty much shaped and forged through World War II. Youth who felt powerless and afraid by events in Europe could find escape and comforting fantasies in heroes who would sometimes go and beat up members of the German High Command. In DC The fridge logic of having heroes who could easily topple the Third Reich lead lead to a retcon where Hitler's possession of the Spear of Destiny stopped Meta Humans from entering into his territory. Without such a plot justification when you have characters who clearly could stop or kill Hitler, I really think you either need to commit to having them do so (much like how Professor Manhattan single-handedly won Vietnam*) and play your scenario out there or have some other explanation. Otherwise you wind up creating a scenario with some unfortunate implications.

*Note not trying to equate Vietnam to Nazi Europe in any sense... I simply mean the effect a god like being would have on their side in a war.

Three Pages from Oz Squad )
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Another comic unearthed from the depths of one of my longboxes is this, my only issue (as far as I recall) of Oz Squad, which came out back in 1991 from Brave New Words (No, I'd never heard of them either).

As you read this, remember that this predates "Wicked" by quite some time, and given how recently the Oz books had become public domain, it's actually a rather well thought out reimagning/updating.

I can guarantee that this won't be to all tastes, there are some VERY dodgy beats in this, and a couple of places where black humour becomes so pitch black it would cause most people (who would remember only the movie) some distinct squirming moments.

The first issue does a deal of scene-setting, and deals with Tik-Tok, who most folk probably only know through this.

After all, who couldn't trust a face like this?

Less that 10 pages from a 30 page issue.

Be warned, some rather grim moments... )


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