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If I had spider-powers, I might do this. Once.

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This gag made me laugh. The comic is short, but looks promising.

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No, not the character from Byrne's Fantastic Four run, a new webcomic character.

Start here.

The forum has already called out that her costume is highly reminiscent of Julia Carpenter's. So they're brainstorming ideas for a new one. I thought s_d would appreciate this post:

'If you are just talking Costume, I think that the redback's pattern on a rifle resistant hard chest plate or good soft armor vest is a good idea.

'After all, the reason why Batman had the logo on his chest was to encourage people to shoot at his body armor, a smart girl like Heather could probably figure that out herself too.

'Combine that with Xdiesp's parkour outfit concept, and maybe a belt of pouches, and you've got a very practical superhero outfit.'

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