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I feel sure I've flailed about praising the Invisibles here before, but as it turns out we only have two tagged entries in the archives - and one of those is pictureless at this point. Travesty!

Let's remedy that a bit! Here are five pages from the first volume, say you want a revolution. One of my favourite series, and one I happily discovered before I knew "who Grant Morrison was". Lucky for me because forming opinions on people who 'matter' can be so stressful, can't it?

So here we have Jack Frost, a.k.a. seventeen (fifteen? I forget) year old Dane McGowan: living on the streets with an old man who is possibly "mad". He is in for some adventures, and they are just starting to begin.

No bondage this time, but a little bit of wtfery. We are now exiting your comfort zone, Dane..

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And then things just keep on happening.

Lines by Steve Yeowell, colours etc by Daniel Vozzo and Electric Crayon, Letters by Clem Robing.

Oh, one thing - MOD REQUEST!!! - could you ADD THE "THEME: DUDE IN DISTRESS WEEK" to your already-posted.. posts.. please? And to any new ones you have in mind. We've just had a minor tag clean-up so there's now room for this week.. Thank you!


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