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Ok, here's a question for you. What daily comic strip am I describing. The main characters are all children, there's a young boy who owns a dog (whose thoughts we hear), there's a young girl who has a very forthright and overbearing manner, a boy who she constantly pursues despite his unwillingness to go out with her, and her younger brother who quite often is the most sensible of the lot.

well, it's obvious from the title of this post that, it's not Peanuts, but "The Perishers", a british comic strip written by Maurice Dodd which started in the late 50's and ran until his death until 2006. It was drawn initially by Dodd, then by Denis Collins, and after Collins retirement Dodd took over again, until Bill Melvin took over the art duties until the end of the strip.

Despite it's superficial similarities to Peanuts, the characters in Perishers are of a lower class, and there's a less sentimentality about the writing.

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