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In light of certain... events from the show I figured I would revisit the first issue of 'The Walking Dead'. For the tenth anniversary of the title the first issue was reprinted in color. Your mileage may vary as to how effective it is versus the traditional black and white but it's an interesting experiment nonetheless.

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So this show is basically fucked, isn't it? First Carl and now Rick? The plan is for Daryl to become the new lead but I'd be surprised if the show lasts much longer. It's pretty obvious that there's been a lot of behind the scenes shenanigans and money-pinching going on that's causing the show to eat itself alive.

Just imagine, in some other alternate universe there's a version of 'The Walking Dead' where Frank Darabont is the showrunner...
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Here we are with #175. It’s hard to believe that a black and white zombie comic that Kirkman had to lie about including aliens to get it made would become the juggernaut it is today.

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