Jun. 28th, 2010

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Greetings True Believers!

Every once and awhile, you come upon a perfect page or panel that just so...gets a character. This one is from a old Thor comic. It pretty much captures the motivations of Odin and his sons perfectly.


Plus, the best Loki cut-scene from Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Another clip that captures Loki perfectly.

Suggested Tags: char: loki, char: odin, char thor odinson/donald blake, title: thor, publisher: marvel comics

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Greetings True Believers!

It's time for another Thor post. In these scans we Asgardians at play.

I love scans of Balder and Volstagg being awesome. I'm seriously becoming obsessed with Thor's supporting cast.

For Odin! For Asgard! For Midgard! For Thor! For Balder!

Suggested Tags: char: balder the brave, char: volstagg, char: hogun. char: loki, title: thor, creator: j michael straczynski, creator: olivier coipel, publisher: marvel comics

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So Iron Man Legacy's been going on for three issues, and it's been doing that pretty well, producing a somewhat interesting if not slightly paint-by-numbers story.

In about two more issues, however, this arc'll come to a pretty interesting close. Then the sixth issue'll kick off another one, in another time...

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Just to say, that next weekend I'll be posting up the "Where's Cass?" Competition entries, and people can vote for the winner. :)

title: batgirl
char: batgirl/cassandra cain
char: batman/bruce wayne
char: the joker? (We have two tages for him don't we?)
creator: kelley puckett
creator: damion scott


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