Aug. 9th, 2010

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MORNING GLORIES, a new series by Nick Spencer, debuted today. An online reviewer described it as THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets THE PRISONER, which seems a pretty accurate description.

Four pages... )
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So, long time lurking, first time posting (in this site, at least). After reading the recent Naruto post, and the ranting afterward about how Naruto is TEH SUCK nowadays and Saskue needs to die in an emo fire (no worries, I kinda feel the same way) I thought I would post a few parodies I found on the internets.

All of the following I found on Marise567's Devaintart account. Check it out for yourself:

Behind the cut: Sasuke reveals his plan to revive his clan and discovers his true love, and Naruto reflects on his family )


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