Dec. 18th, 2016

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"What I’m hoping is that with the staggering range of talent we have lined up for Cinema Purgatorio we can establish that there were once different ways of creating and enjoying comics, and that the possibilities of this medium are far broader and more various than the current relatively narrow focus of the industry would suggest. You’re probably right in stating that this is the most difficult path, but as I see things it is by taking the easiest path – as outlined above – that comic books and culture in general have ended up in their current state of creatively-threadbare stasis. Ideally, I’d like our little creepy backstreet bug-hutch to become the venue for a newer, more progressive and more rigorous approach to the possibilities of the comic book. With popcorn." -- Alan Moore

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So I know that people around here have been... distracted by the election and everything surrounding it, but there's a recent event that I thought people around here would be interested in discussing.

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Ah, Supergirl, along with Batgirl one of DC's most recognised B-List superheroes. Also one who has undergone a fair bit of revision over the years, sharing that category of character with Hawkman and Donna Troy for overcomplicated, contradictory backstories. But, to simplify things, I'll focus on Supergirl Classic, the Kara Zor-El version.

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In his best issue yet (maybe one of DC's Top 5 last week), Kenan Kong gets a neat, version-exclusive power gimmick!

Plus, Super-Man resembling "'Wonder' Years" Tim Drake, and Bat-Man resembling Bob's Burgers' Gene Belcher. Check it!

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Art: Richard Friend, Viktor Bogdanovic

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This is one of those covers that I've seen several times floating around the internet, and for good reason - it's Supergirl and Zatanna fighting over a yeti. It's one of those bizarre Bronze Age covers that does its job of making you wonder what the hell is going on. Did someone hit Supergirl and Zatanna with a love spell? Does the yeti himself have love powers? Do Kara and Zatanna both have a very specific fetish (no judgment)?

The answer, a more legible cover, and 7 pages of a 21 page story after the cut:Read more... )


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