Date: 2012-03-09 06:25 am (UTC)
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That could work I guess, if the security chairwoman is working/leading some evil organization.

Maybe she allowed the JLI to be formed, used the bombing to turn public opinion against them, and disband the JLI. Maybe even turn the incident into a case against other superheroes so that governments support a crackdown.

But that doesn't make sense either. If you are part of a criminal group so secretive that you can become chairperson of the United Nations security council without anyone discovering your illegal connections, why announce your existence by trying to disband a superhero team?

Why not just stay secret? Why try to kill these heroes? If you attack them, you're just motivating them to hunt you down and stop you. I don't think any Justice League has had the kind of elaborate intelligence gathering networks modern-day governments and militaries do, so they probably wouldn't even have known you existed until you tried to kill them.


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