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So in Guardians of the Galaxy #24, a Black Vortex amped and power drunk Gamora tries to convince her and Beast's teammates that the Black Vortex is too valuable to be destroyed by showing them what it can turn them into by submitting to the Black Vortex and becoming cosmic versions of themselves.

First to see what she'd turn into is Storm. This vision recurs in the group shot, but I wanted to post this closeup from Guardians of the Galaxy and X-men: Black Vortex Alpha #1

At the end of the same issue, Gamora is the first of the two teams to submit in order to fend of their dangerous attackers.

Adult Beast submits to the Black Vortex in the next chapter Guardians of the Galaxy #24, after a lot of arguing about the ethics of using the Black Vortex. Typical, but wise motto's being "With great power, comes great responsibility" and "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Have to tell you, this dickmove by someone who has been working against Cyclops on topics as power and responsibility had me peeved, but there's a payoff for Beast later. Made me soften to the character, since he can't help the bad behaviour he's been written in. ;) Also, I really like his transformation.

So eventually this happens.

Vortex!Beast cosmic blasts Laura. Vortex!Gamora and Vortex!Beast stand prepared to defend the Black Vortex zealously. I won't show you those pages since someone else might want to write a better summary in combination with panels than I can. (Not my strength).

As Nova arrives on the scene Vortex!Gamora grabs the mirror, jumps to a distance where the entire crew is in sight of the artifact and blasts everyone with it, seemingly transforming everyone.

Venom isn't all that spectacular. He could create that look right now. No surprise Marvel Girl would have a bit Phoenix-y psychic butterfly effect. Rocket Raccoon looks hilarious, but awesome. This Storm looks much better with smoother lines and one less row of dots on her chest. *skips boring Nova* Lockheed becomes a big, awesome dragon. Carol Danvers becomes Black Vortex!Binary!Captain Marvel. Kitty Pride becomes a ghost. I like it's simplicity. To no one's surprise Laura gets a Wolverine-y costume. Drax becomes even more menacing. Star-Lord remains simple, again I like it. Vortex!Magik's design with samurai sword and armor is so good, I wonder whether they'll actually make that happen.

Closeups of Angel, Groot and Iceman coming up.

That's where Guardians of the Galaxy #24 ends, but in the next chapter, Legendary Starlord #9, turns out to not have happened. It seems one has to willingly submit themselves to be transformed.

Rocket Raccoon: Um, NO?
Groot: I AM GROOT!
Storm: Hank, please consider the dreadful nature of what you're suggesting. Before I fry you bald.

O5!Angel, impressed by what he saw in the mirror, submits to become Vortex!O5!Angel. Right after he was helping Laura up. Stay classy, Warren. Or was he in a trance? It's hard to tell.

Skipping a lot of the story again.

In the next chapter in All-New X-men #38, drawn by Andrea Sorrentino, who you might know from his work on Green Arrow and I, Vampire. Here is what he is capable of.

Again, I think the recipents have to willingly submit to the Black Vortex, but the Black Vortex might have it's ways of achieving this.

Here is what these 3 Vortex! amped characters are capable of when they don't hold back.

At the end of this issue O5!Cyclops finds the regular crew, leading into Guardians of the Galaxy #25.

It was such a relief to see this happen.

With O5!Hank recently promising O5!Jean to fix things, I wonder whether this will lead to a story where adult Beast tries to stop O5!Beast.

In Cyclops #12, O5!Iceman, Groot and O5!Cyclops, captured and subsequently on the run inside the enemies' spaceship find the Black Vortex in enemy hands as well. Young!Bobby says it's obvious what they have to do to escape, but O5!Cyclops objects.

He then gets a 1,5 page long psychic encouragement from Jean.

Vortex!Groot and Vortex!O5!Iceman look like they did in the earlier group shot, with Vortex!Groot breathing fire and sprouting horns and vines. Sadly Vortex!Iceman's armour patterns aren't very visible but they're there and his warrior elf wizard identity matches the image of this Young!Bobby becoming the future Wizard!Iceman we saw traveling from the future to defeat the Future!Brotherhood in the present.

Whereas adult Iceman, who was warned by Thor in the X-Men: First Class series he reminds him of Ice Giants, has had his powers and personality go out of control, most recently in Astonishing X-Men #64 and #65, where he beats Thor and terrorizes a city.

And this seems to be his future. Although that might've been under the influence of evil, mind controlling Charles Xavier II. What I mean to say by this, I like it that that the two Icemen seem to have different destinies or it's just coincidences and I'm making connections.

Both Black Vortex!'ed characters are very epic. Look at them using their powers in new awesome ways. These designs with work put into them are also the reason I think Vortex!Magik might happen and Vortex!Venom might not.

This is the first time we see Vortex!O5!Cyclops. Like with Phoenix!Cyclops, gold, black and red are a great match. Really, Phoenix!Cyclops overall has a much better design. I guess if this Vortex!O5!Cyclops were to face someone the rubies would be aligned vertically. This helmet looks weird, but reading further it seems to have an interesting function in this story.

While trying to escape they run into a battle where they meet up with Nova, Captain Marvel and the other 3 Black Vortex!'ed heroes.

I like his red eyes without the visor. Very cool to see his conversation reflected inside his helmet.

Poor Scott. ;_;

I think I remember that when the Black Vortex was first introduced s_d members asked why there was a need to introduce such an artifact when there are other existing artifacts that could do the same.

Aside from whether this is cool or not, don't you think it works differently than existing artifacts now?

What do you think of the transformations?

EDIT: Adding tags.
Cyclops artist: Javier Garron
Guardians of the Galaxy artist: Valerio Schiti
Guardians of the Galaxy colourist: Jason Keith
All-New X-Men colourist: Marcelo Maiolo
Legendary Star-Lord inker Juan Vlasco
Legendary Star-Lord colourist David Curiel

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