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... Oh! Lord!

Please tell this ISN'T the Dark Knight 2 Dick Grayson/Joker.... the one where he went through (off panel) experiments to become a Joker who could regenerate, dressed up in LoSH cosplay... and was ultimately killed by Bruce himself as he cut off his head and dropped it in a underground volcano, who not only did that without ANY hesitation or sign of regret; but also REPEATEDLY called Dick a mistake and failure the whole time....

It DID came out 15 years ago this month... a month after the Live Action Scooby Doo movie turned Scrappy Doo in a demonic soul sucking psycho...

Were there any "Screw You" moments to minor/sidekick DC/WB characters in August on par of those, cause so far it seem to be THAT kind of Summer.
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No, I think the Joker addressing us in those final pages is Snyder's Joker from DOTF/Endgame, etc. You can tell from the black suit and smoothed back/undercut hair. He's one of the apparently three Jokers roaming around now.

Given the sheer amount of references, the 'means for Dick Grayson to stay alive' is the tooth Bruce knocked out of him back in Court of Owls. Ball!Plastic Man appears to be the only reference to DK2.
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It is indeed the Joker of DOTF/Engame.


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