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Turns out that Comixology has started giving away Detective Comics 27 for free, what with the issue being some 75 years old at this point. So, I thought that I'd post some! Haha!
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For those who don't know, Two-Face was set to appear in the old Batman television show. Harlan Ellison even wrote up a treatment for it. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day. There's more on it here.

Recently however DC has published the story in comic format using Ellison's original treatment as the basis. Four pages from it are below.

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In the sense of it being one he'd ask, rather than one asked about him.

Following on from this preview cover, which I actually posted yesterday

I was reminded of a couple of cartoons I'd seen on tumblr, by one evinist, which might relate to the above, and would also link to one of Damian's (I hope) first, and most obvious questions;

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One page of an eight-page back-up story from Gotham Knights 13.

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Writer: Harlan Ellison
Artist: Gene Ha
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No sooner does Kara declare that she will save Thomas life, than an armored man appears out of nowhere, and shoots her with a Kryptonite bullet. everyone else seems locked in time, and unable to re-act but very slowly Superman is able to shoot the man with his heat vision, this causes them to teleport to somewhere else...

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Batman: Tenses is not one of those comics that anyone - even the ones into all the really obscure Batman stories - likes to discuss. And for good reason.

This story is ugly in every sense of the word, with Cully Hamner's art being perhaps the only saving grace. One of my buddies over on tumblr flat-out called it "the worst Batman story I've ever read", and I'm tempted to agree. The entire thing is misanthropic, violent, and pessimistic in all the worst possible ways. Frank Miller wishes he could write a Batman like this - ironic, given that this is apparently supposed to be a follow-up to Year One. And tellingly, both Alfred and Jim Gordon are absent during the whole thing.

But don't take my word for it. Let's see what this story's take on Bruce Wayne does upon his return to Gotham!

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Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo’s net big Batman story is called "Endgame." Some covers and one final page were at This isn't the only time there's been Batman story called "Endgame." With the same major villain.

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