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Well, 31 Days of Scans was our first themed month in quite some time, and I feel confident in proclaiming it a great success!

I know I speak for my esteemed Co-Mods, when I express our sincere gratitude to all those who made posts and/or commented.

We had well over 70 posts made (And I'm not even including our 31 "Main Post" entries in that number) and many, many comments and discussions, and that was over a time period that is usually full of distractions.

We hope that you all enjoyed it, and a Happy New Year to all!
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I have plenty of favourites into his arena too, from Lois Lane/Clark Kent to Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor to Mary Jane/Peter Parker. But if there's one that provides me with warm feelings all over, it has to be this one:

True Romance Indeed! )
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Happy Christmas to all who celebrate!

Today is a special day. Not just because many people are out with their friends and family celebrating a major holiday, but because today is the one day where we make an exception to our 'we are a comic scans' community rule and actually post other media.

Oh yes. Today is favourite 'other media' day!

And you know which media did it best?

The DC Animated Universe! )
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Oh boy. So many of these could fill this post and exceed my image host's bandwidth. But because I don't want to break photobucket, I'll go with the one that sticks out to me like a sore thumb:

Enter Sexdollfire )
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I am apparently bad at keeping track of days. It turns out today *is* the 22nd. I don't know why I kept thinking it was on a Sunday. But yes! today is villains day! :P

While I very much don't like the New 52 version, Harley Quinn was the villainess that got me to buy my first DC Comic!

And well...who could forget that time she worked at the Daily Planet as an advice columnist? )
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I had a strangely difficult time with this one--strange because you'd think there's so many options! I was going to try to keep my posts from being too Bat-heavy, but in the end I wound up sticking in one more:

Ra's al Ghul )
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For this question, my mind went straight to a character that I knew from Scans_Daily: Hope Summers. The insufferability. The arrogance. The sassy lectures delivered to stunned adults! Everyone probably has moments like this as a teenager, but without the Special Destiny to make them that much more insufferable!

So very much not my favorite )
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You know. It is pretty damn sweet to be a Kryptonian. You are bullet-proof. You can fly anywhere in the world. You can lift anything that weighs in tonnes. You can see through walls. You can freeze things with your breath. You can even set things on fire with your eyes.

Which Kryptonian do I wish to steal from specifically? )
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I honestly had trouble with this one. Because in truth? There is more than one character I'd like to see come back from the dead.

The characters I speak of all populated a world that was originally five decades old. They lived on a world where the first superheroes appeared and united during World War II and formed the first superhero team in the history of superhero teams. These were the characters that aged in real time, married, and had families of their own. Their own children eventually took over their jobs as superheroes once they were old and retired or had passed on after a long, fruitful life. Their own legacy even led the arrival of a new generation of superheroes that were more diverse than their predecessors.

I am of course, talking about the pre-Crisis Earth-2 in all its Golden Age glory! )
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Not gonna lie, I really hate timezones since they always eff up my posting schedule. But then, I don't think there is ever a right or wrong time to devote an entire post to the Worlds' Finest Slash Buddies.

In fact, these too ladies are so slashy, I literally had trouble setting limitations for myself. That's how much there is, I often never know where to begin:

 photo BFF07.png

Lo and behold! The Worlds' Finest Lesbian Subtext )
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Just in time for Tom Blake's New 52 debut tomorrow, here we celebrate the existence of a man who's had almost as many face changes as Doctor Who himself since his initial inception in 1963! (Also the year Doctor Who debuted, fyi).

The Many Faces of Thomas Blake, aka The Catman! )

Also, sorry this is late. Photobucket wasn't cooperating with me ever since it received 938445989 upgrades. :(

As a reminder, please don't forget to tag your posts as Series: 31 Days Of Scans!
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Here we are! Day 01 of our 31 Days of Scans to celebrate the winter season (and for that matter the end of the year)!

What better way to start this off than with one of the most idiosyncratic ladies of the DC Universe?

Oh yes! We are talking about *this* lady! )
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December is, for many cultures, a month with significant celebrations in it, both religious and secular, and so, with that in mind [personal profile] aeka, [personal profile] sistermagpie and myself [personal profile] icon_uk , your vaguely benevolent Mods on Scans_Daily, would like to invite you all to help us revive a celebration of our very own!

31 Days of Scans!

31 Days of Scans allows us each a daily opportunity to celebrate one particular facet of comics, be it characters, teams, costumes, relationships, and all sort of other things.

There will be a master post each day where you can comment, and if you have scans to support your choices, then please do post them.

The themes will be;

Day 1: Favorite Female Character
Day 2: Favorite Male Character
Day 3: Favorite Friendship
Day 4: Character you would bring back from the dead
Day 5: Favorite rogues gallery
Day 6: Power or Ability You’d Like to Steal
Day 7: Favorite Team/Corps/Family
Day 8: Least favorite female character
Day 9: Least favorite male character
Day 10: Most cracktastic moment
Day 11: Favorite Elseworlds/Multiverse?
Day 12: Comic Location You’d Most Like to Visit? (Gotham, Star City, Themysicra, Utopia, Prof. Charles Mansion)
Day 13: Favorite artist(s)
Day 14: Favorite writer(s)
Day 15: Character that should have their own movie
Day 16: Favorite LGBTQ character
Day 17: Favorite legacy hero (Hero that took on a previous hero’s ID)
Day 18: Best Butt?
Day 19: Character you used to hate/dislike, but now you don’t?
Day 20: Storyline/Book you could read over and over again?
Day 21: Favorite Comic Event?
Day 22: Favorite Villain
Day 23: Favorite Costume
Day 24: Least Favorite Costume
Day 25: Favorite “other media” (movie, cartoon, etc) (A special exception to our usual position on such things)
Day 26: Favorite PoC character
Day 27: Favorite Origin?
Day 28: Favorite Canonical Romance
Day 29: Favorite Not-so canonical Romance
Day 30: Build your dream team of five characters
Day 31: Favorite era of comics - Golden Age? Silver Age? Bronze Age? Another?

We checked and it's been four years since we last did one of these, and a LOT has happened in that time, so don't think we run the risk of repeating ourselves too much.

Oh, and please don’t let any of this stop you posting as per your usual habits of course, but we hope you will enjoy taking part in the theme, the more the merrier and all that.

We would as that when you post, please do include the tag series: 31 days of scans, so it's easy to keep track of going forward.

We're looking forward to seeing your opinions and choices.

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As some of you may have noticed, scans_daily celebrated it's 10th anniversary last month. Yup, our first iteration came into being in December 2003 and have been going strong ever since.

Let the festivities begin! )


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