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As some of you may have noticed, scans_daily celebrated it's 10th anniversary last month. Yup, our first iteration came into being in December 2003 and have been going strong ever since.

Let the festivities begin! )
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Feel that chill in the air? That's the time for the October theme!

(I'm a bit late, I know, sorry, we won't hold it against you if you post up til the first week of November in exchange :p)

And the month theme will be:

Villains Being Awesome

Whether that involves being heroic for once, or being villainous without murdering a lot of people or just being fabulous at being evil, go ahead and post your favourite scans about villains!

Don't forget to tag your post with the : "theme: villains being awesome" tag :3
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We're bringing back the month theme this month, going through your suggestions from the last time we had a poll on the topic ;)

And this time it's:

Canon Gay Couples

Tell us all about your favourite canonically queer romance in comics.

Don't forget to tag you posts with the "theme:canon gay couple" tag.

Have fun :3
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Greetings Comrades!

Your fellow mod here reporting for duty by issuing this month's requests post!

Have a story in mind you would like to see posted? Share it with the community!

Have scans for a story one of your comrades wishes to see? Post it to the comm!

Still have a story that you've requested in the past but haven't seen? Request it again. Someone might have it now. :)

Most important of all, have fun! ;)

↓ Submit requests in the comments below ↓
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Forgot to do one of these last month since February was a hella busy month for yours truly, but here's the requests post for this month!

Since this month's theme is 'Favourite Female Character,' now's the time to start requesting stories with your favourite comic book ladies from your fellow S_Ders!

Presentate la vostra richiesta nei commenti!
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Greetings True Believers!

As you are all well aware, our veteran moderator, [personal profile] greenmask, has decided to retire her position on the mod team, as has [personal profile] shobogan who's also been a member of the mod team since 2011. We would like to thank [personal profile] greenmask in particular for all of her hard and awesome work that she's contributed to the comms in the 2.5 years that she's been active. On a more personal note, she--along with [personal profile] benicio127 --has been a wonderful mod whom I've looked up to since first joining the mod team, and I've certainly learnt a lot from her in the one year that I got to work alongside her. I wish her well in pursuing new avenues in her life, though I hope she sticks around as a regular member of the comm! ;)

Given that we are now officially down to a mod team of four, we've decided to try something new for recruiting new mods onto our team: give members a chance to apply to be a part of the mod team!

Wait! What? We can actually apply now for a chance to be a part of the mod team? Yes, you heard right! this is your chance to actually apply for modship. Since we have two openings at the moment, you have twice the chance to make it. :)

Here's how this works:

In the comments section down below, we would like you to write a paragraph or two detailing why you would like to be a part of the mod team and what you will personally bring to the comms of both [community profile] scans_daily and [livejournal.com profile] noscans_daily if recruited as a moderator. Please just copy-paste this application fand fill it out, although feel free to add any extra details beyond that which you think may be pertinent:


Once we gain enough entries, we will then go through each application one by one and pick our two new mods from there.

There will be a more detailed orientation for our new mods later on when we actually recruit them, but ideal traits we look for in a potential mod:

  • A thorough and complete understanding of the comm rules and ethos, plus a familiarity with (or willingness to learn) non-aggressive community management.

  • Someone who is willing to be active on both Scans and NoScans Daily.

  • Someone who can bring new and fresh ideas to the mod team for enhancing community experience. (Again, if you have some ideas, please detail these in your comments)!

  • Someone who will actively read through threads and actively moderate them for problematic behaviour, rhetoric, language, etc and be willing to issue mod notes.

  • Someone who will actively participate in mod discussions of any threads that get reported to the mod team and help out with mod decisions for major violations of the rules.

  • Someone who can commit to other active mod duties such as maintaining the Scans Daily Twitter account, managing tags, approving new members, posting theme weeks, etc.

  • Someone who is a team player and is willing to be a part of a Mod Team that works by consensus.

Please note that this is strictly an applications only post. That is to say, this post isn't open to any discussion about the current mod team or our current moderation system. For any concerns you'd wish to address, please take it to the mod email instead. Thanks!

That being said: bring on the applications!

Buon coraggio ragazzi!
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Big thanks to everyone who put forth suggestions and voted in the poll. You guys came up with a lot of great ideas. And the winner is...

Favourite heroines & female characters!

Have fun with it!

Don't forget to tag you posts with the "theme: favourite female characters" tag.

We'll probably use the other most popular themes of the poll result for the next month before we ask for suggestions again :)

Go wild!
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This poll is closed.
Open to: Access List, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 133

What are you favourite themes?

Irish characters & comics
9 (6.8%)

Favourite heroines & female characters
63 (47.4%)

Favourite female authors
33 (24.8%)

Stories set in schools
11 (8.3%)

Stories about brains
12 (9.0%)

Spring related posts
4 (3.0%)

Canon gay couples
46 (34.6%)

Tropes gone right
58 (43.6%)

Save this comics! (for good comics in risk of cancellation)
34 (25.6%)

Characters written OOC
14 (10.5%)

39 (29.3%)

Villains being awesome
55 (41.4%)

Villains being heroic
47 (35.3%)

Villains being villainous without murdering a lot of people
48 (36.1%)

Silver/Bronze age crackiness
17 (12.8%)

Gratuitous Butt Shot
15 (11.3%)

Bad and/ orAwesome Disguises Month
32 (24.1%)

Fun domestic moments
37 (27.8%)

30 (22.6%)

Favourite friendships & friendship scenes
56 (42.1%)

Beautiful sceneries
19 (14.3%)

Good layouts/splash panels/favorite art
35 (26.3%)

Awful parents
22 (16.5%)

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Greeting, True Believers !

The themes for the month of December seems to have been well received, so I think it would be neat to have more themes more regularly on the comm, and doing them for a full month allow people to post without having to worry about the deadlines. ;) (I know I've had troubles with that one themes previously *cough*).

Have a neat idea for a theme? Post about them in the comments! We'll try to start March with one of the popular one! :3
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Friends. It's been a ball, but I must walk the plank. I'm away! As your moderator, I retire.

Two and a half years of modship inside of nine (:0) years on-and-off membership: scans daily has been a dear place to me. Thanks for the memories! And - thank you for the lessons. I'm grateful for every time you held me accountable, asked that I explain myself, showed me I was wrong or ignorant, or helped me to find a greater confidence by being impossible adversaries. You've been a terrible hassle and it's been brilliant; you've showed me how to do less harm and that's a treasure.

But so importantly, thank you for the COMICS. Death Note, Scott Pilgrim, X-Statix, Unwritten, Daken, Bande(s?) dessinée in general, SO MANY MORE. Romance comics, horror comics, Kate Beaton comics! What a beautiful education.

I may be some time, but I'll likely be back. I usually am.

So long~~!
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Whoot! First Requests post of 2013! And course, to accompany a new year, a new requests post, a new modcon to go along with it. (I'll probably be collecting these a lot :P).

Tradition as always, post a request in the comments section of this post, check to see if you can fulfill someone's request, and checkback to see if you've had your own fulfilled!

Happy New Year!

↓ Submit requests in the comments below ↓
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It has come to our attention that noted comics writer Peter David has suffered a stroke, the full extent of which is still being ascertained, though he was able to post the news on his blog himself. (Addition 31/12/12 - Kathleen David has updated the post with more details)

Regardless of any past events, on a personal level we naturally send Mr David our sincere best wishes and hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

Replies to this post will be Moderated, so do not worry if your post is not instantly visible.
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Having had our attention called to a matter of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this is a moderator team announcement:

As the name 'Derpy Hooves' has ableist connotations that are keenly felt by many, and by members, we ask that this pony's original canon name 'Ditzy Doo' be used in discussion on scans_daily and noscans_daily.

As her official name change was a result of fandom momentum - since it was a nickname she gained directly because of her strabismus - we are comfortable asking that fandom consideration for those hurt by the name might come first on this community. We're sorry for your inconvenience; please do your best to respect this request.

Thank you!

Note: Comments are screened - you can register your opinion, but we don't want repeated debate threads.
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Now that [personal profile] icon_uk has posted our theme for the month, now is your chance to request what you want to see posted this month, theme-related or not.

Fullfill a fellow SDer's request, or check back later to see if your request has been posted!

Happy Chanukah!

↓ Submit requests in the comments below ↓
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Thanks to all the community members who contributed to the vote to see what our December meme would be (I was thinking about making some clever wordplay like DecMEMEber, but that's too clumsy to say IMHO and sounds too close to "Dismember"...)

And of the 54 voters we had, 30 votes went to our winner, and so I can formally proclaim that our meme theme is...

Answer under the cut... just like opening an envelope at the Oscars )
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Greetings oh best beloveds,

With December arriving and the year coming to a close, your ever lovable Mod Squad thought it might be nice to have a theme for next month and we thought it might be apt to give the entire community a chance for some input.

Vote under the cut )
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Salut tout le monde!

In the comments section of this post, request to the rest of the community what you would like to see posted and check back later to see if you can fulfill another fellow SDer's request.

Knock yourselves out!
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Greetings, True Believer!

First and foremost, we would like to announce that our fellow teammate, [personal profile] benicio127, has decided to retire from her position as a Moderator of [community profile] scans_daily. We wish her the best in taking a well deserved rest. She was a great sempai to new Mods and a brilliant moderator all around. We will miss her greatly. ♥

To take her place on the Mod Team, we have recruited [personal profile] icon_uk as a new Moderator. So please welcome him as a new maintainer to the comms, and give him your best encouragement to this hard task ;)

Secondly, we've been noticing lately that community members - both here and on [livejournal.com profile] noscans_daily - have been "sending us messages" via offhanded remarks in comments or in posts. We would like to remind everyone that we have an email address and that we can be contacted directly if you have any questions or see any problems you would like to see addressed. As noted on the community profile, our email address is scansdailymod@gmail.com. If you feel more comfortable contacting one of us directly, you are also free to send a private message to any member of the mod team as well. We all have PM enabled.

While we are likely to spot comments addressed to us (and we'll do our best to address them when we do), we are not omniscient. Just throwing "Hey Mods!" comments in passing and expecting us to see them isn't a very effective means of communicating with us. So please use our email address or send us a PM and we'll do our best to address concerns, issues, or complaints from there on.
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Greetings, True Believers!

Ever since we modified the first rule on [community profile] scans_daily, the discussion of what to do with fanart, commissions, and concept art for upcoming books has been up in the air. The team has finally reached a consensus and we apologise for taking so long.

As an experiment, we are going to start allowing s_d members to post fanart, commissions, and concept art for upcoming books as regular posts on the community. This means that you will no longer be limited to "Fanart Thursday" to post fanart or other similar things. As of today, fanart, commissions, and concept art qualify as legal posts on scans_daily, in addition to our regularly scheduled comic scans.

In order to acknowledge this change, the first rule of the community has been rewritten (also for clarity), and now reads:

"Every post must have as its primary subject at least one image from a sequential art source (comic book, manga, newspaper comic strip, webcomic, etc.) or a fanart, commission or concept art related to a sequential art source. When posting any comic-related news, interviews, videos, or essays, they must be relevant to the scans you are posting about and must add to their discussion. If you only wish to post comic-related media without the scans, please refer to [livejournal.com profile] noscans_daily for those discussions. Posting "legality scans" with irrelevant media does not make your post legal and you will be asked to modify your post if you are caught doing this. Failure to comply may subject your post to deletion."

This is--once again--an experiment to see how this works out, and if we start feeling that posts about fanart and commissions are swamping the community and drowning out posts about comic scans, we will go back to limiting it to Thursday. So don't go entirely wild with it, but do knock yourself out with moderation. ;)

On another topic, we've been made aware that some people cannot follow [livejournal.com profile] noscans_daily because they do not use livejournal, either by choice or for technical reasons that make it difficult. For this reason, we considered moving noscans to Dreamwidth and polled that community about it, as you might remember. However, a large majority of noscans_daily members preferred keeping the community on livejournal and so we've decided to keep it there.

In order not to leave people who do not use livejournal entirely behind, we have created a feed of noscans on Dreamwidth: [syndicated profile] noscansdaily_feed. I'm afraid it will still be impossible for members to make posts and take part in discussions on noscans without a livejournal account, but they will at least be able to follow any posts that are being made using this feed. This is the best compromise we can make for everyone on both communities at this point.

As always we remain at your disposition to answer concerns, questions, and suggestions. Cheers!
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Right, scalies - From next Friday I shall be away for two weeks. Don't act up; the rest of the team are still about and well armed with shovels and lasers. They'll getcha.

BUT, to sort things out a little bit and maybe make them more confusing too, from Friday the twenty-eighth of July until Friday the tenth of August the themes (plural, yes) will be:

Glitter Words - http://www.sparklee.com
sparkle - http://www.sparklee.com
Glitter Words - http://www.sparklee.com


glitter logo - http://www.sparklee.com
glitter - http://www.sparklee.com
free glitter - http://www.sparklee.com

Yes - two "moment" based themes, two similar threads. Follow either, and interpret either as you may.

Ready, get set--!


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