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Yes, you read that right. In 1971, Archie Comics took a rare foray into current events and an even rarer stance on political issues with "Summer Prayer for Peace," which sees Archie, Jughead and Reggie inducted into the army, then debating the morality of draft dodging with a radical friend.

'Sing, sing of freedom / Sing a song of joy...' )
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In 1972, Archie Comics made its first major venture, since the MLJ days, into horror, with the series Chilling Adventures in Sorcery as Told by Sabrina. (This is not to be confused with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina title launched earlier this very month in the wake of Afterlife with Archie's success.) Loosely patterned after the EC and other horror comics of the fifties, it was an anthology title hosted--for its first two issues--by everyone's favourite Teenage Witch, written and drawn by regulars from Archie's creative team: writer Frank Doyle and, in the stories excerpted here, Dan DeCarlo and Rudy Lapick on art.

If nothing else, this horror host is easier on the eyes than EC's GhouLunatics )
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Nedor comics, the company most famous for it's Golden Age superheroes Black Terror, Fighting Yank, and "Doc" Strange (no relation) stayed in business up until the mid 50's. By 1952 it was Archie comics that was the trend setter for the decade, and the company (then known as Standard) tried to cash in with their own teen comedy book. One clever twist they went with was setting it in the "far off future" of the 21st century, putting this comic a decade ahead of the Jetsons. The book was created by Dan DeCarlo, the artist whose character designs for Archie are still used to this day.

eight pages from a public domain comic )


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