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but one whose passing is unlikely to engender anything like the heartfelt tribute of other recent losses as his work was... well "Extreme" is understating it

Jack T Chick, creator of the infamous Chick Tracts, has died at the age of 92.

Very much an American thing, thankfully for the rest of the world )
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More horrifying than Mignola! More messed up than Junji Ito! More Perverse than a Mark Millar deconstructionist superhero comic! More lacking in its basic understanding of medical law than that one Veronica Mars episode!
One of the two worst comics I've ever read )
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And now, a holiday classic, showing the true face of that eeevil heathen holiday called Halloween, or as Chick tracts call it...

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From the same school of thought that brought us these two panels...

Fair warning: there is a lot more head-desk where that came from.

'Big Daddy?' )
creator: jack chick, theme: religion, in-joke: science doesn't work that way, medium: tracts


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