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In war fathers bury their sons...

I wanted to post both of Billy's deaths but comixology does not have the final part of DDP's World War III storyline. In it Billy is captured by Cobra, and the Commander gives him the, "join or die," option. Billy tries to assassinate his father, but instead takes out a body double, and as Billy dies from a toxin, Cobra Commander gloats how he has won over his own humanity: for he loved Billy once, and now he feels nothing.

Posted below is one page from G.I. Joe America's Elite #34 which shows the ceremony with which that Cobra Commander treats his son's body, and then how the Hama-verse version reacts to news of his son's passing in GI Joe A Real American Hero #172, and #174.

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Just how does this guy ensnare so many to his cause? Well without using brain washing devices? Simple words and reason.

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