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In war fathers bury their sons...

I wanted to post both of Billy's deaths but comixology does not have the final part of DDP's World War III storyline. In it Billy is captured by Cobra, and the Commander gives him the, "join or die," option. Billy tries to assassinate his father, but instead takes out a body double, and as Billy dies from a toxin, Cobra Commander gloats how he has won over his own humanity: for he loved Billy once, and now he feels nothing.

Posted below is one page from G.I. Joe America's Elite #34 which shows the ceremony with which that Cobra Commander treats his son's body, and then how the Hama-verse version reacts to news of his son's passing in GI Joe A Real American Hero #172, and #174.

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So when I was posting Snake-eyes comics before I can't believe I failed to include these two issues...

In this post: Scarlet meets Snake-eyes for the first time, Storm Shadow address the accusation that he is to blame for the Hard Master's Death, the real killer's motive, and the birth of Cobra.

Also meet Mrs. Cobra Commander

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In 2001 Devils Due Productions (at the time publishing through Image and later on their own), acquired the license to publish GI Joe comics, and opted to continue where Larry Hama's marvel run left off (in addition to a Ultimates style reboot, and a new Transformers crossover continuity but those came later). Over their 7 year run they introduced a lot of new concepts, and characters.

Inevitably they also touched on some ground that Larry Hama later would with his own version of the post Marvel events, though in very different ways.

Sean Collins in both universes joins the GI Joe team: as Snake-eyes Ninja apprentice Kamakura in DDP, and as Throwdown in IDW, for example.

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And I swear that'll be my last Joe related post for a while... probably.
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GI Joe #21 is arguably Larry Hama's single most influential comic, it did inspire a Marvel theme month ('Nuff Said), which came some 18 years later, and did showcase a style of purely visual storytelling which was seldom found in main stream American comics at the time.

Here's the interesting thing about this issue. It was conceived out of necessity. As the story goes, back then comic pages were mailed around a few times during the process of comic creation, and at one point an issue of GI Joe goes missing in the mail, with no time to do the whole thing over from scratch, Larry comes up with a plan to cut the letterer out of the mix, and to cut down on art production time saving themselves over a week of production. He will draw breakdowns, and Steve Leialoha will do the finishes, there will be no spoken dialogue.

The story introduced several elements that would later become major facets of the Joe universe: The Silent Castle, the Arashikage tattoo, and the Red Ninja clan.

As a story begins, Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow has captured GI Joe Agent Scarlett and Snake-eyes is on his way to extract her... not that she's going to sit around waiting for rescue.

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Larry Hama is killing off Snake-eyes in GI Joe A Real American Hero, and while he isn't my favorite Joe I think he deserves a send off, so I'll be posting some Snake-eyes stories over the next little while... Starting with the first time his origin was delved into in any detail, GI Joe #26.

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It's been noted in the past that Grant Morrison paid his dues as a writer in some odd places, particularly in UK comics.

Case in point, Action Force Monthly #3

Now which of these two do you think he might be writing?

(Oh, for those unaware of such things, "Action Force" was the name "GI Joe" was given in the UK for most of the 1980's (To the extent that the cartoons were even overdubbed with any reference to "GI Joe" or "Yo Joe!" becoming "Action Force" and "Full Force!" (Which I like better). Instead of a completely American team like GI Joe, it was a truly international team of elite anti-terrorist specialists.)

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So waaay back in GI Joe 21, after the title's first big story arc, there were a series of "cooldown" issues before the story got underway again. One of them was completely free of dialogue, which is interesting for a comic in the 80s based on children's toys. The story goes like this: Scarlett has been captured by Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes goes in to rescue her. Hey, you see how complex you can make a plot without having any dialogue.

So we pick up in Destro's castle, where Scarlett has already started her own damn escape while Snake Eyes is infiltrating. Then, some of Storm Shadow's ninjas confront everyone's favorite mute, scarred ninja.

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During the run of Marvel's GI Joe, you were on very rare occasions shown what was under some of the most famous masks in the Hama-verse.  I'm going to share with you today the real faces of Storm Shadow, Zartan, Destro, Cobra Commander, and Snake-Eyes.


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