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The Devils whom Jack sold his soul to have finally found him and agreed to share him by building him his own personal hell... He stays there until the heat death of the universe when he uses his Literal powers to resurrect the Pathetic Fallacy.

Two half pages out of four.

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Okay so Beast, and Ozma didn't do so well... let's see if Rose, and Bellflower err Totenkinder, can do better.

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Getting caught up on my pull list, just finished getting caught up on Fables.

When last we left off
, Ozma and Beast separately made plans to revive their super hero personae so that they could take on Bigby who is being controlled by Ms. Douglas. Ozma had determined that Bigby must be slain...

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Okay time for a break from Spider-Woman... We will see the conclusion of the origin battle soon, but right now I want to share something adorable from Fables... and Super Ozma... cause Super Ozma is awesome.

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"I tried to argue that relentlessly grim 24/7 dulls the impact of grim, dulls the story, and ultimately dulls the reader. A rule: Darkness sets up the light. Light sets up the darkness. Funny bits set up the dramatic bits and dramatic bits sets up the funny. This always works. But relentless drama is dull and relentless comedy is farce. Both are paths to reader disengagement." -- Bill Willingham

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"There is one joy almost any sort of freelancer can never experience: being off duty. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve taken time off from work – much more than my share, to hear some frustrated editors talk. I’ve taken full days off, full weeks off, gone on vacations, and indulged in all of the various implementia of structured relaxation. But I’ve never been able to do it without guilt. I’ve never once taken time off without feeling guilty about the story I should be working on, the deadline I should be meeting, and so on. . . When a burger flipper goes off duty, he’s truly off duty. His non-working time is entirely his own. That might be the only blessing of such a job, but it’s a real one. I haven’t been truly off duty since my first job, more than forty years ago. I’ve forgotten what it feels like." -- Bill Willingham

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