May. 21st, 2017

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My inspiration for the new Tarzan series with Dynamite is Jason and the Argonauts, but the ship is a Martian flyer and the crew is drawn from the entire sprawling [Edgar Rice Burroughs] universe. Look for Jane, Korak, Meriam, John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Jason Gridley, David Innes, the Mucker, the man/monster from Vat 13, the Oskaloosa Kid, the Rider, La of Opar, and even some obscure ones. They'll go to lost worlds, inner worlds, distant worlds, and maybe even Beyond the Farthest Star. I told myself, if I ever get the chance to play in the ERB sandbox, I'm going to truly wallow in it. - Bill Willingham

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"Rangel Jr. Is my kind of guy, with a narrative style that would sit snuggly in between heavy metal and any film Kurt Russell was the star of in the 80s. It’s over-the-top, with cheesy dialogue and the unshakable feeling that this was a kid that really knew how to play with his toys. G.I. Joe definitely met the Transformers in this guy’s head, if you know what I’m saying?"


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After long reflection, I couldn't turn down the invitation to renovate the house that Jim Lee built, and refit its unique combination of cosmic paranoia and paramilitary conspiracy for the post-political space madness of the twenty-teens. Looking back to look forward. -- Warren Ellis

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