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I commented on NSD earlier about Marvel's Year of Women. Part of that includes the two part Women of Marvel series, collecting stories previously published on

The cover's got its stars in burlesque gear and inside... it's got tits.

Uhhh... a pinup? By Greg Land? Why not just pay the strippers to wear the costumes themselves?

And then Black Cat's tits fight the tits of Satan's Daughter.

I'll probably give this one a miss.

Though I will say that the Enchantress does do rather well out of these Marvel women stories. I've not seen her in continuity much, but this year, she's been dotted around in lots of different places.

Date: 2010-10-31 03:14 pm (UTC)
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Um... with a shirt that low, how are Felicia's nipples not visible? Square necklines were never meant to go so far down; v-necks, perhaps, but that still leaves fabric on the sides. Also, the art of Land's pin-up looks... off, somehow. The link to the cover... well, at least the cover is nicely drawn (somehow, it looks more tasteful than Land's page, even though I'm reasonably sure more skin is being shown, possibly because they actually look alive on the cover, unlike the pin-up, and their facial expressions look more having fun and being playful than fake smile and attempted sexy pout).


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