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So this week's Soldier Zero, the second by Abnett and Lanning, confirmed something.

You're no doubt wondering how and what it did, especially if you remember how the last one ended.

Who tells a story to convey it (and to delay the resolution of last issue's ending), of the battle that ultimately brought Stewart Trautmann where he is now.

And of the suit's previous wearer, Gorshen:

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(I wonder if Gorshen was engineered for the suit; he has that sort of look about him.)

And the foe they faced:

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(Either he must have been, or the Hybrid is a voluntary kind of organization.)

Love the True People's response; very that one atmospheric story in 2001 Nights.

But what made this battle so much more important than it's appearing?

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(Camouflage predators, yes. GOOD ones, um..)

First, that confirmation that it's happening in the same universe as Starborn..

..and second, that it's happening in that of The Traveler too, so those weren't different Split-Second Men:

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Such a revelation is evidently important to every player in the galaxy:

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Enough so that exactly what happens every time that question is asked happens, and Gorshen makes his escape with the Hybrid in hot pursuit.

It's a fun link established here, if one not likely to be followed up on for a while due to the independence of all three stories (well, other than Traveler villains being indirectly responsible for Stewart's empowering); the only thing I'm wondering is why Abaris even sent the other Split-Seconders there, since all his motivation seems to be so far is "JULIA!!"

I wonder if it'll get explained somewhere down the road.. Traveler could probably do it.

Date: 2011-04-24 06:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] silverzeo
So... the movie "Preshistoric Women" and Andros the Red Space Ranger were right, humans exist on other planets and be pretty much the same in spite of being worlds apart?

And I swear, that line about earth seem right from the movie, like the caption box was saying, "Who made themselves God?"

Date: 2011-04-24 07:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] akodo_rokku
Well the humans of the Galactic Civilization were rulers of an enormous space empire, one that the series is rather blatantly hinting was bad, bad news. Meanwhile Earth was almost completely unknown by all the other races out in space until Soldier Zero began. Is there a connection between the two human races? Almost certainly. Since two identical sentient races popping up in different parts of the universe is so unlikely the Hybrid think it must be divine providence.


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