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[ profile] inboots in another community was saying: "there are at least two known universes out there where magneto and rogue are star crossed lovers, one where reed richards has an affair with elektra natchios, but none (that i know of) where charles and erik are buddies and live long happy lives, where is the justice tbh?!!!! "

Which prompted me to say "oh, there is a what if when that's the case, although it's not very good."; and then promise to post it on S_D.

So there you go:

Gabrille Haller is really fucking awesome :D

I love how utterly OTT the top panel is about how AWESOME Xavier and Magneto would be if they worked together instead of against one another. Makes me think of John Hodgman's segment's intro on the Daily Show: Global Warning: SOLVED, Energy crisis: AVERTED, Superviruses: CURED, Sasquatches: CAPTURED, Xavier & Magneto: YOU'RE WELCOME.

Also Gabby marrying Erik does nothing against my Xavier/Magneto/Gabrielle OT3 :3

The rest of the issue is actually pretty boring, with some random Xavier recruiting people to the X-Men who recruited much earlier in 616 and random attacks of Sentinels and other stuff that perhaps I wouldn't find so confusing if I had read more 00's Claremont's writing. Erik only features in a couple more pages here, sporting some very unfortunate douchebro hairstyle (the redhead woman is Jean Grey, still in her coma from watching her childhood friend's dead while telepathically linked to her origin story):

And then Jean goes all Phoenix and saves the day; and it ends on the tackiest: "the end... or the beginning?" note ever.

In conclusion: Gabrielle is awesome.

Date: 2012-03-16 07:44 pm (UTC)
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Ouiiii, Gabrielle est merveilleuse ! J'approuve !

Date: 2012-03-16 07:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] flo_nelja
J'ai une légère préférence pour Moira, mais c'est seulement parce que je suis biaisée en faveur des geeks. ^^ Et puis elle ne marche pas en threesome avec Xavier et Magneto, alors que Gabrielle si

Tiens, et je vais encore espérer que si Xavier a quitté les X-men pour prendre des vacances avec Legion, il est au moins passé prévenir Gabrielle que son fils était vivant !


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