Mar. 16th, 2012

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I have to give credit to for pointing this out, as the Avengers vs. X-men match ups become more... intimate.

I swear to Roth that the promotions team at Marvel must be reading scans_daily, but this is made just for us almost.

Let's give the boy a hand. )

It begins

Mar. 16th, 2012 02:17 pm
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SAGA, the new ongoing series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, debuted this week. Here are four pages from the first issue.

Sword & sorcery & science )
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Dramatis Personae. The Setup/Exposition. Rising Action/Complication. Conflict/Climax. Resolution. Denounement.

A major story arc for the Unwritten comes to a close.

Per the last issue....
Tom Taylor has finally destroyed the Cabal, and is now getting a rematch against Pullman at the bottom of the pit.

"The War of Words" ends...

...not without a price. )
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This week's release of X-Men : Season One made me want to post the last time Marvel did a similar exercise. (Well, I think it's the last one, maybe there were some in between :p).

To quote wikipedia:
Mythos is a six-issue series of one-shot Marvel comic books written by Paul Jenkins and fully painted by Paolo Rivera, each issue is based on the origin story of a particular character or group within Marvel's collective universe.

Jenkins remarked in several promotional interviews that the project was to be used to bridge the gap between the comics and more recent movie adaptations as a means of introducing the new readers with little knowledge of these characters comic histories.

The first Mythos book, Mythos: X-Men #1, was released March 2006 and featured an adapted version of the story first seen in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). However, the themes in the story were slightly altered to match with those that have become the general overall tone of the X-Men comics, with Magneto noting that Cape Citadel is actually a facility being used for anti-mutant purposes during a conversation with Professor Xavier which never took place in the original story which saw Magneto attempt to steal Nuclear Weapons.

Both the date (2006) and the influence of the first X-Men movies are pretty obvious on it. The overall tone is strikingly different from Season One :)

7 pages from Mythos: X-Men )
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[ profile] inboots in another community was saying: "there are at least two known universes out there where magneto and rogue are star crossed lovers, one where reed richards has an affair with elektra natchios, but none (that i know of) where charles and erik are buddies and live long happy lives, where is the justice tbh?!!!! "

Which prompted me to say "oh, there is a what if when that's the case, although it's not very good."; and then promise to post it on S_D.

So there you go:

6 pages from "What if Magneto had formed the X-Men with Professor X" from 2005 )
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Four pages from Legion Lost #7, just because they amused me.

To recap: Our team of intrepid Legionnaires - Gates, Chameleon Girl, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Tellus, Timber Wolf and team leader Tyroc - have chased another time traveler back to the 21st century (see LL #1-6) and become stranded by the strains the Flashpoint barrier creates for time travelers; over in the Legion's main title, the group believes the away team dead and has installed statues for them.

At this point their original mission is pretty much a wash, and this is a filler issue in which the team deals with the intricacies of daily life in the distant past - particularly when at least two of your team are distinctly non-hominid.

We should at least try to fit in while we're here. )

T-Wolf's playing quick and dirty with the ethics there, but I kinda think it works in the end.
Next up, the stage is set for "The Culling," the big Legion Lost/Teen Titans/nU-Superboy crossover.


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