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Following the revelation that one of his oldest friends, Peter Gambi, was involved in his father's death, Black Lightning's superheroic effort start to slide into Batman-ish territory, where he begins angrily and directly attacking the corrupt local councillor Tobias Whale, demanding to know where the monster known as the 100 is.

Unfortunately for BL, it seems that Whale (who doesn't know that BL is Jefferson Pierce, unlike his boss) has sent a group of men over to Pierce's house to kill him and his family while Lightning is distracted. Luckily, Gambi also happened to notice that something like that would happen, and rushed over to the Pierce's to defend them, but is unfortunately killed in the process.

BL manages to revive him briefly to apologise for apologise for blowing up at Gambi later, like the old man dies begging Pierce for forgiveness too. Understandibly, everyone's saddened by this. The police arrive soon after, and they point out that although some of the gang members had been shot by Gambi with the Pierce's shotgun, others seemed to have had their throats cut.

This reminds Jefferson about the weird woman on the roof before the fight with the 100 who claimed that her father ran a league of assassins, and goes back to his friend's shop to learn what the heck is going on. He finds Talia there, and she's made ninjacoffee.

King Fergus, no! She goes on to explain that the 100 is actually an alchemist called Bjorn Gustavsen who has spent the last 80 years impersonating a man called Victor Swan. This pretty much puts the entirety of the crap going on in the Southside entirely at his feet.

Talia says that as BL has a legitimate claim to the land that the 100 is drawing his power from, she's willing to give him her and her dad's organisation's support. BL says that he has to defeat them by himself for it to stick, but now that he's aware of just how deep the trouble is, he stages a fight with his wife at Peter's funeral, and his family moves temporarily to Chicago until things clear over.

Meanwhile, the 100 tries to get Pierce's brother-in-law (whose wife and kids left him at the beginning of the series to due to his connection to the organisation) to spy on him and try and tip him further into despair...

Offtopic: I do like how Talia is like here, a lot better than the pseudo-Azula way that Morrison occasionally depicts her.

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Offtopic: I do like how Talia is like here, a lot better than the pseudo-Azula way that Morrison occasionally depicts her

buh... but... Azula is kick ass.....

he but i see what you mean. Talia is all kinds of awesome here. (though i also too am impressed in Morrison's take charge Talia... though there is an... off centerness about her...)

also ninjacoffee is now my favorite term.

King Fergus, no!

OH GOD can't unsee!
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