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It's been several weeks since the 100's very public defeat at the track event, and the Southside has begun to get itself back on its feet for the first time in decades. The good will of the public means that the cops are now able to re-establish a policestation in the area, and an attempt by two 100 members to force a girl to become a drug mule results in them being beaten up by an old lady with a broom, followed by a ton of other folk from the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Jefferson is explaining to the kids in one of his class (along with a civil rights campaigner lady and a preacher) about the upcoming holiday: Juneteenth. He says that this event, June 19th, marks the time news of Emancipation reaching Galveston and is celebrated by using the basic rights that slavery denied, namely the right to congregate, to be with family etc.

The sorcerer in charge of the group decides to use the festival as an opportunity to possess Jefferson, so he has his men kidnap a bunch of his students, has them beaten up and then mindcontrols them to force Pierce to meet him again or he'll make them shoot themselves.

Jefferson says that he'll go with the kids, saying that someone has to stay with them until BL shows up...

Running inside the abandoned, half-built statium that LexCorp sold to the 100 (well, to one of their legitimate fronts) where Bjorn the Sorcerer and Tobias are trying to prepare the ritual to possess the hero. After Tobias beats up BL and Bjorn goes in to possess him, Bjorn once again underestimates the hero's levels of hardheaded determination...

And that's how Tobias Whale went from being a light skinned African American guy to a huge albino dude. As seen in Gotham Underground, where he morphed into... basically a version of the Kingpin who even starred in the book with a guy who looked like Jigsaw (that's what you get when you get Frank Tieri to write a BatBook).

Date: 2012-08-24 08:52 pm (UTC)
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This Black Lightning looks a LOT like Static. The combination of shirt/jacket instead of jumpsuit and dreads instead of an afro really plays up the similarity.

Of course, I realize now that Static's cartoon/non-purple outfit was probably based on Black Lightning.

Date: 2012-08-25 03:15 am (UTC)
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Once the didn't Virgil mention during their Brave and the Bold teamup that he was inspired by BL?


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