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Hey guys been a looooong time since I've posted or browsed here. So glad to see some familiar faces still around, I missed you guys.

Anyway the Avengers 2 movie made me morbidly curious as to how Vision (and Wanda for that matter) was holding up in 616, if at all. There's a shit ton about what Wanda's been up to, but barely anything about Vision during all this time so, glad I found this issue.
First issue of the 2013 annual was focusing on Vision, and at least remembering that you know, he's alive now, and who he was before.

(Forgive me if my choice of scans or the sizes are odd, I haven't done this in a while)

So Vision, the original one, is finally back in one piece. No missing emotions or whatever. I don't know the specifics, frankly I'm fine just accepting that he's back.

So they have to fight Sunturion (Dearborn), who is the company mascot to Roxxon like Iron Man is to Stark Industries.

He was experimented on by Roxxon to get the powers, but now the powers are killing him. Dearborn feels that Roxxon betrayed him because he sacrificed his own personal life to become the Roxxon mascot, and Roxxon claims they can't help him.

He has microwave powers, can alter density like Vision, and teleport. Dearborn runs away after Vision can fight him while he's phased.

I admit I included these pages mostly cause of Quicksilver's shit-eating grin.

Vision manages to track down Dearborn who is creep-stalking his ex-wife.

Vision manages to talk Dearborn down, and he accepts help from the Avengers to try to analyze his condition.

You know, it's phenomenal just how horrible of a support network the Avengers really are. Carol found that out years ago.

Anyway the Avengers can't figure out a way to help him because Roxxon claims they lost Dearborn's medical records of the process. He goes ballistic and flies off to melt more Roxxon factories.

Turns out Roxxon was still using the same process on new volunteers unaware they would die eventually.

Dearborn manages to scatter the volunteers and but Vision does somme thingy with his solar gem to absorb Dearborn for a while. But Vision uses that energy to melts the conversion machines, releasing Dearborn, and leading to Roxxon figuring they have to cut losses.

Aw! Just...d'aaw!

Personally I don't think Vision could/should reconcile with Wanda, because at this point I think she's just flat-out toxic; but at least he can connect with his kids. That's a bit of happiness he deserves right?

And about MCU Vision, if you haven't watched the movie yet, it's pretty awesome what they've done with Vision. Definitely feels like a fresh start for the character, and he got a heck of an origin and power upgrade. Paul Bettany's British accent certainly helps to make him immediately relateable, the guy's got mad charisma going through all that make-up. But he also nails the whole detachment from worldly matters feel. I think it's finally a version of Vision that actually seems to balance being uncannily human but unmistakably alien. It's just a shame he isn't in more of the film.

I am also leaving this here:

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