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He'd found the successor of the legacy he was holding in trust.

He'd also found the author of many of Bangalla's recent troubles.

He and his allies had that man captured.

They let him go without asking any questions, because they didn't trust his answers.

They were gone by the time his people got there.

Later, a colleague of his- another employee of Singh Industries- was going over the situation with him.

" We have a security leak. "

(Those last few panels're a surprisingly human depiction of standard antagonistic organization procedures.)

Outside, Jen noted that their " catch-and-release " plan hadn't quite worked as expected.

She was able to note down the plates of the car the woman from Singh left in, though, which she traced to a name the next day.

That didn't help them learn anything new.

They still only knew that Singh Industries was planning to do something about the upcoming Seven Nations summit.

The only thing they could do was be there in case anything happened.

Thanks to a friend of Lothar's, they were there to confront the secret Singh men.

Those men had their guns covering Lothar.

He tried an obvious distraction.

They turned the tables on the men working for Singh, thwarting the corporation's plans.

After the fact, Jen explained how she'd figured out who the Singh men were.

The woman from Singh watched the conclusion of things and fumed.

She went to discuss things with her boss in person.

" Welcome, Ms. Rathmore. Thank you for coming in on such short notice. "

(One advantage of a corporate reskinning is all the lingo you can recontextualize things in.)

(It's an abrupt summation, but a nice one all the same.

Writing's Brian Clevinger, art's Ryan Cody.)

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"We are The Phantom"

Love it.


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