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"The character, for some reason, really struck a chord with fans back when he was originally out. There are a lot of people who have really, really strong feelings about the character. So, we'll see how pissed off they get when I'm done with him (laughs)."

- Brian Azzarello

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In the previous entries, about works like Violator Vs. Badrock and Spawn: Blood Feud, a lot of people were saying, "Well yeah, it's bad, but look at the quality of character he was saddled with!" In this mini-series though, he doesn't have that excuse. There was a previous character named Deathblow, Michael Cray; he died in Wildstorm's "Fire Fom Heaven" event (also written by Moore and also quite awful).

Here, in this three-part mini-series, Moore was tasked with creating a brand new Deathblow from scratch. The sky was the limit... so how the heck did we end up with this?


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