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Couldn't let Beyond the Big Two Week go past without posting at least one snippet from Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. And I've chosen a section from the final volume, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour.

I've picked this moment from the finale, in which the face-off against villain Gideon Graves occurs, mainly because I think the final scenes of the graphic novels play out far more strongly than the film adaptation managed. There's an argument that the book and movie don't tally as the graphic novel was still being worked on at the same time as the movie, but either way, I felt that the movie failed to adequately make it Ramona's story as much as Scott's. Ramona in the book is implicitly not a prize to be won and has her own agency in the final showdown, as this extract shows.

Ramona Preview

12 and a half pages from 248 under the cut. )

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At Emerald City Comic-Con, Bryan Lee O'Malley announced that his Scott Pilgrim series will be getting the full-color, deluxe hardcover treatment later this year. (More info here.)

Cover and a few preview pages under the cut!

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One more Scott Pilgrim post before I depart for now: A battle between Scott's current girlfriend, Ramona, and his ex, Knives Chau, from Volume 2. The dark-haired girl with Ramona is Scott's sister Stacey. Yada yada 150+ pages yada yada doesn't violate one-third rule.
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Really? Only one post for one of the most popular indie comics, like, ever? (Kudos to sandoz_iscariot (sp?) for his good taste!) I intend to remedy that with some previewy highlights from the first volume. (This is way more than seven pages but each volume is ~150+ pages, so that should be okay w/r/t the one-third rule!) This probably isn't spoilers because it doesn't really reveal much that isn't in the movie trailer.
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