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"So really, right now, we may not be as close to this as we were when Bush was president, but it can happen any time. We’re going to be fluctuating back and forth, and frankly if Obama did what happens in “Evil Empire?” It could happen. I’m not going to hop on conservatives here just because I have a lot of left wing beliefs. I think we’re just as close to this, perhaps incrementally not as close as we were five or ten years ago, but it could happen at any point. You don’t know who is going to be the next president, you know? And that’s the reality. We fluctuate between the left and the right back and forth, and the tipping point that makes the Evil Empire happen, this specific event that is the turning point? It’s a completely human thing that happens; it’s not a fantastical event or terrorist attack, it’s just something that could happen to anyone, and that’s what gets the ball rolling with the evolution of the Empire. So it could happen to Obama, it could happen to anyone. You don’t have to be a radical conservative to fall prey to what happens in the book."

- Max Bemis

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One Month to Live is a five-issue limited series from Marvel, set in mainstream continuity, and all five issues came out in September of this year. The idea came from a conversation between Stephen Wacker and Rick Remender, and each issue has a different creative team. (John Ostrander wrote issue #3, which is what originally got my attention.)

It's very much the kind of project that's characteristic of modern Marvel: it's got decent writers, decent to good art, and it's an okay read, but it's gotten very little exposure and it sold like a juice box full of Ebola. (Each single issue did between 12,000 and 14,000 copies, which is actually better than I thought it did before looking it up.)

The book is a "man on the street" view of life in 616. Dennis Sykes is a bank manager, dealing with a job he despises and with becoming, as his wife puts it, the "instant parent" of his ten-year-old niece Kelly. His life is about to get worse.

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