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[personal profile] sherkahn has put out several previews for the weekend, some of them have the hardest working mutant in Marvel 616 in them. Previews for X-Force #13 and Wolverine: Best there Is #9 behind the cut.

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After Bullseye died and didn't come back, he got a two-shot.

Solicited as the story of "the year no one knew where he was", Perfect Game promised us Bullseye on the baseball mound with intent to kill.

And it delivered exactly that, even if it got criticized for slow pacing and a lack of action.

You see, this Bullseye, where he is right now.. he's not in for clearing bars with the stuff of dartboards. )
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Check out the colored preview to "Wolverine: The Best There Is #3." Looks like Marvel sent two previews - one edited and one in full gore! Below is an unedited pic. Preview at CBN.

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Greetings True Believers!

Find-out behind the cut and discover that Logan may have another career set-up if he ever hangs up the spandex.


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