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"High school can be hell for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for teenage girls spawned by the emissary of a Cthulhu god! Cthu-Louise struggles and is teased at school due to her monstrous appearance. Finally fed up with the bullying and abuse, she decides she will do anything to make herself 'normal.' It’s Carrie meets Call of  Cthulhu!" -- Dark Horse press release

Warning for child abuse

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Jan. 20th, 2018 03:09 pm
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"It’s part of a tradition of stories that Emi [Lenox] and I both really enjoy, like Mean Creek and Stand By Me, where you have this group of kids who are confronted by something very dark and outside their experience. This thing it changes them and they aren’t equipped to deal with it because they’re children. It takes them them on a dark path and you get to follow them. The superhero stuff and more fantastic elements of the world are really background." -- Jeff Lemire

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