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I posted a Valerian & Laureline story a while ago. Here's another sample from one of the later adventures, On the Frontiers. This particular bit was one of the main inspirations for The Fifth Element. (Oh, and be warned that there's a non-explicit depiction of a sexual assault in here.)

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If you liked this excerpt, you can find the book at a reasonable price second-hand on Amazon.

char: laureline,
char: valerian,
creator: jean-claude mezieres,
creator: pierre christin,
genre: space opera,
medium: bande dessinée,
publisher: dargaud,
title: valerian
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This classic French BD, which inspired Star Wars and The Fifth Element, has never become very popular in the US, though quite a lot of it has been published here at one time or another. This one, though, is my own scanlation of a story that was never released in English (15 pp., ~8 MB; dial-uppers beware!).


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