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"I always refer to it as Soprano syndrome. When The Sopranos became popular the idea of liking these flawed characters began to permeate everything. Suddenly all these shows were making their characters unlikable to be “edgy”. But there is a big difference between liking bad guys and just making unlikable characters. This is something comics is really fucking awful at, to be honest. Most people in American comics grew up reading stuff like Superman and Captain America, real morality tales. And that has colored the creators books, the taste of publishers, and the predilections of readers. We are at a point now where people expect their heroes to be infallible and I think that is so boring. I don't want morality lessons from Wolverine. I've seen him kill more people than heart disease. Batman is a billionaire who beats up the poor and the mentally ill. That doesn't mean we can't love them and we can't learn from them. The same is true of Duncan and Madison. I don't want you to kill people and steal things, but they aren't there to be role models."

- Matthew Rosenberg

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"I think there is a generation of people coming up whose coming of age stories are very idealized and very clean. It's really sad. The Hunger Games and Twilight are fine I guess, but they wouldn't have meant anything to me when I was 14. They don't now either. I fear for what this means to younger generations. Movies like Heathers, Pump Up The Volume, even stuff like Badlands and River's Edge all had a big impact on me. I loved seeing a fuckup try and make his way through the world because I was a fuckup. I really just wanted to make a love letter to fuckups and weirdos. Those are my people."

- Matthew Rosenberg

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And now for something completely different.

It's 1997. Foggy Nelson discovered that Matt is Daredevil. As part of making up for the years of lies, Matt joins Foggy in partnering with a vicious attorney named Rosalyn Sharpe (who is also Foggy's bio-mother).

Venom: On Trial! This miniseries is kind of a sequel to the Spider-man Special Edition: Venom on Trial. If you read the review of that one-shot, you'd know Matt Murdock was eager to defend Venom and even asked Spider-man to show as a witness, successfully getting him acquitted. However, Spider-man punched Venom and spoiled his plan by revealing that the symbiote was still part of his body. When Murdock refused to handle the civil lawsuit Venom wanted to bring against Spider-man, Venom fired him.

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