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If Otto "SpOck" Octavius was the Superior Spider-Man, Eric O'Grady was the Irredeemable Ant-Man, Inverted!Tony Stark was the Superior Iron Man and Victor von Doom is the Infamous Iron Man...

What alliterative title could we bestow upon Captain "HYDRACap" America?
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Hello! I'm sorry if I'm being rude, but I was just reading about how Scans_Daily was shut down once before due to a complaint by prolific writer Peter David. I would like to know - are we not allowed to post his tales on this site? I was hoping to do something from Hulk: The End, if that's okay.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: thatnickguy has pointed out that Peter David has responded to this topic (and some of the hostilities found within)!
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Asher Elbein, writing for TheAtlantic.com, discusses declining Superman sales and DC's history of attempts to "fix" the character, whether by adding or subtracting powers, tinkering with his costume, making his personality and that of his supporting cast darker and edgier, launching one "reboot" after another, or some combination of the above.

"The irony of all this is that, for all the rust and ineffectual tinkering, the storytelling engine built by Siegel and Shuster still runs. Superman remains as inspirational a character as he did during the Great Depression: Considering the current state of rampant income inequality, brutal law enforcement and corrupt politics, the immigrant superhero from the planet Krypton may be more relevant now than he has been in years. What the comic requires now is not another reboot, but a forceful, committed attempt to refine the engine that currently exists—to stop trying to make Superman something he’s not, and to focus instead on what he is."

Should Superman be returned to his Siegel/Shuster roots? Discuss.
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Which feature from the Golden-Age jumbo title Clue Comics would you most like to see more posts of? Please leave your vote in the comments.

Handy links to the first issue's stories behind the cut )
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Now whilst, obviously, scans_daily is THE place to be on the web for comic related awesomeness, it seems only fair to acknowledge that there are other forms of comic fan media out there.

In the past I've made no secret of my liking for Rachel and Miles X-plain the X-Men, which has J.Rachel Edidin and Miles Stoke take us through a fun examination of, well, basically all the X-titles since 1963 in order. They're a nice combination of enthusiasm and trenchant analysis, particularly in terms of context and identity.

They also share my particular affection for Doug Ramsey and Warlock (We've just reached the start of The Fall of the Mutants, so this is not going to be a fun few weeks) which give them extra points from me), and they led me indirectly to this fascinating episode of The Uncanny X-Cast, where Louise Simonson speaks very entertainignly of her work in the X-Verse and WHY the New Mutants changed so much under her writing. I still can't entirely forgive her for New Mutants 60, but at least I understand more of the "Why".)

They are also taking part in the massive (in podcast terms) crossover which has become known as

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Put this one in the "What might have been" column -

Gail Simone on Twitter this week mentioned that there had been a plan a few years ago for DC to publish outsize comic books with multiple stories from multiple creators.

One would have been Superman, another would have been a superteam (she doesn't mention which one) and the one she would have been involved with is one that would have had Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and herself on the three members of the Marvel Family, with the main title rotating.

This would have been A) Awesome and B) in line with the old Captain Marvel comics whereby there were distinct stories and creators the individual members each with a distinct art style; CC Beck on Captain Marvel, Mac Raboy on Captain Marvel Jr and Marc Swayze on Mary Marvel.

As someone who has not managed to learn to love the current Shazam, this is a rather poignant loss.

So to start the new week, let's turn this into a discussion; your dream creative team for a main, or lesser known, character?


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