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When the U.S. version of Dennis the Menace became popular, many comic companies jumped on the bandwagon. But Toby Press, the publisher that brought you Jon Juan, the Super Lover, decided to take it one step beyond.

Ollie Orwell was a 6-year-old kid from an unnamed Midwestern city. He was a perfectly ordinary kid until he discovered a tattered magical cape in his attic. The cape gave him all of Superman's powers. Now, if he was older and more responsible, Ollie probably would have become a superhero. But Ollie wasn't mature enough to think through on the consequences of his actions, so he became known as the Super-Brat.

That's right - Ollie Orwell was Dennis the Menace - with Superpowers.

He appeared in four issues of Super-Brat comic. Toby Press went under before the 5th issue could be published. Charlton Comics (out of all companies) bought the rights to some of Toby's titles, including Super-Brat. Charlton published the 5th issue as Li'l Genius #1. In the next issue of Li'l Genius, the writers revamped Ollie and took away his magic cape and made him just plain old Dennis the Menace proxy.

But those stories are boring, so I'm going to post scans from the Super-Brat era.

The following story was originally published in Super-Brat #2. Writer unknown, art by Harry Betancourt.
Ollie tries to get a puppy. That... does not go over well (6 pages under the cut) )


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