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Someone posted a line here once about Huntress that cracked me up (please claim it if it's yours) "She's so crazy, she's Batman's Batman." Crazy Huntress is an image that's she had (and at times deserved) and still has for those not overly familiar with the character. (i.e. BFTC "The Network") Here's a look at a time in the early part of Helena's career showing just how awesome, competent and uncrazy she could be. From the September 1999 issue of Justice League of America are 7 pages telling how she joined the JLA.

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Not long ago, [info]bluejaybirdie suggested a Huntress is Awesome Week, and I, along with [profile] chengar  and [personal profile] scottyquick  , agreed that was a good idea. Since then, though, there has been little follow-up. As such, I have decided to act unilaterally in kicking off Huntress is Awesome Week.

So I decided to start with a few scans of Huntress shooting and critically wounding a few Justice Leaguers.


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