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Since it seems like a few people are making "last" posts to commemorate the move, I figured I might as well join in. And since it's my last post at InsaneJournal, why not take the material from the final volume of Monster?

Of course, in a series as full of twists and turns as this one is, you could argue that most scans would be a)inexplicable to people who haven't been following along and are not in possession of some sort of flowchart and/or b) massive spoilers for the entire series. But I don't think this scene is either.

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Hey, I figured that since it's horror week, a bit more of Naoki Urasawa's Monster is appropriate.

Up until now, I don't think I've actually gotten into what the series is about. I've showcased a couple of characters, and I think that the themes behind the series has also been gleaned, but nothing much in terms of the overarching plot. To rectify this, how about a summary of volume 1? Let's go back in time to 1986 and witness the horrifying events at the Eisler Memorial Hospital in Dusseldorf.

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I love all of the tertiary characters in Monster. Urasawa's filler chapters are some of the most enjoyable parts of his books. Usually, it's because he peoples them with great one-shot characters. The eighteen year old girl providing medical treatment to her fellow Vietnamese illegal immigrants...the mercenary and the little girl...the country doctor with a troublesome patient...the British couple on a very sombre vacation...the ex-Nazi soldier, begging the place he loves for forgiveness...the psychologist performing a new experiment on children in an orphanage...they come and shine their own individual lights into the darkness, then fade away as the plot resumes.

I'd hate to inundate you with posts, so, I'll only share my favourite: Mr. Rosso.

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This next post needs little introduction from me. There is no context necessary. It may in fact be the scariest part of Monster, and what introduced me to the anime (I watched that before I read the manga, truth be told). It is a short video, depicting the picture book "The Monster Without A Name".

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When picking out scans to show off Naoki Urasawa's Monster, there are usually three criteria I use to judge which ones to show and which are best left discovered for someone reading the series:

1) How good was the scene?
2) How much does it spoil the plot?
3) How appropriate is it for scans_daily?

The next few scans definitely fail criterion number two. But I feel that I simply must post it, for reasons that shall become obvious by the end of the post.

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Okay, so you have an wrongfully accused man chasing a guilty one. You need a cop to chase the innocent one, too, right? Monster provides us with a rather creepy one named Runge (Lunge in some translations and the anime).

Runge has two defining characteristics. The first, is that he has an odd mnemonic device to store information. Basically, he types the information on the air, and it's stored in the computer in his head. Then simply make the appropriate gestures, and the information is retrieved. This is both very creepy and oddly cool, and the almost robotic nature of those gestures highlights his second defining characteristic: he is one of the most single-minded people in all of fiction. This is the trait we'll be examining in our perfect moment.

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Behind every great criminal genius is a tough as nails enforcer, fanatically loyal, murderously tough, and just plain deadly to encounter. Monster gives us Roberto in this role.

And if that's not enough to draw you in: slash!

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Okay, I've fallen in love with the works of Naoki Urasawa. So, I figured I would stop lurking and share a bit from one of his best series: Monster. Monster is...well, it's hard to describe without spoiling it. At it's heart, it's about a man wandering the world (well, Germany for the most part) and trying to set right a wrong from his past. To do this he has to hunt down a monster. Along the way, his strong sense of morality causes him to intervene in others problems, all while the police chase him and he struggles to find out more about the monster's past (the better to track him down).

But this post isn't about that man. This is about his quarry. He goes by many aliases. Many seek him out, convinced that they can harness his massive charisma and intellect for their own purposes. But the monster has his own agenda, and people who come close to him for too long have a nasty habit of dying.


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