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Over in PS238, young Victor Von Vogg, son of the famous villain Doctor Von Fogg, has been busy with his conquering!

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Okay, so I did say I was going to do an honourable mentions post for this list, so here it is. This contains my own choices for runners-up to the list of oddball geniues, as well as some suggestions put forward by people who commented

Since it looks like I've run out of Photobucket bandwidth for this month, most of the previous entries will only be accessible in a few days. Here's the last post in the list, however, since that's up on Imageshack :-).

Anyway, don't you hate it when you finish something and then realise you missed something out? This is kind of what I feel about in relation to the first character in this post. He's not really an honourable mention at all; I would totally have put him on the list if I'd remembered him. In fact he probably would have displaced either the Revenant or Batman, meaning no offence to those excellent characters.

He is, however at least 20 times smarter than either of them, and he's certainly an oddball. He possibly skates close to the whole 'evil' line at times but when it comes down to it he can't bring himself to step over, however annoying all the stupid people out there are. He does, however have a potty mouth that would make non-sentient objects blush.

Yes, that is a language warning for the next few images.

I speak of course of... )

And that's finally it for this list! Now I have to think of another idea! I'll leave the evil science one until later I think, I need to try something a little different :-).
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More oddball geniusity! This may or may not be a real word :-). I promise this is the last post containing DC characters, except if you consider Wildstorm DC, in which case I make no promises at all.

Part One (with some explanation on the whole thing),
Part Two, and
Part Three.

Numbers Four and Three! )
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It's part two of my examination of the weirder intellects in comics! If you're confused as to what I am talking about, do check out the previous post for a tad more explanation.

Also in reference to the previous post, psychopathicus_rex commented on Professor Calculus: He'd be absolutely maddening to be around in real life, but that somehow just makes him more endearing in fiction., a point which I totally agree upon but do find slightly ironic because good old Cuthbert was actually based on an real person. This guy, to be precise:

Auguste Piccard was a scientist, balloonist, physicist and explorer. Unlike Calculus, his hearing seemed fine, but he did live a seriously wacky life. His hobbies included high altitude balloon flights and deep sea ocean dives, the latter apparently after promising his concerned wife that he wouldn't take any more ballooning trips into the stratosphere. One suspects that he didn't really work to the spirit of that request.

Oh, and if the name seems familiar? That's because yes, he was (quite appropriately!) part of the inspiration for a certain captain of the Starship Enterprise.

And now, onto the next two characters! )


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