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I'm now four posts in to a short series on the Luna Bros book Ultra. The first one was all on the covers, the second was about Ultra's date with a lovely gentleman, the third was on the aftermath of that date and this is the backlash to the backlash. I figure that after this one, I've got another post from Ultra left in me. I do recommend that you buy it one way or another.

As with the rest of the Ultra stuff, it's got a warning for slut-shaming.

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I'm now three posts in to a short series on the Luna Bros book Ultra. The first one was all on the covers, the second was about Ultra's date with a lovely gentleman and this one is about the aftermath.

I think that I'm sticking to my idea that Ultra is a positive female character, stuck in a book that has no time for anything like that. My warning is that this post will contain examples of other characters "slut-shaming" and calling women "whores." Like I said at the start, it's a problematic book.

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I'd expand on my feelings about tabloids and their horrid attitudes towards women, but it's been a long day and I can't do any more brain... stuff...
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In the past fortnight, as anybody who's been keeping an eye on any sort of comics media will know, there's been a lot of discussion about female sexuality in comics, notably with regards to Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws, Catwoman (why is none of that stuff under the Catwoman tags?) and now Voodoo.

I posted a few weeks ago about Ultra by the Luna Brothers, showcasing how the series' covers were tonnes of fun, but there were some problematic bits inside.

This is Ultra aka Pearl Penalosa. She's just been out on a date with a guy who she met in a restaurants a few days ago. For those who missed the previous post, Pearl is a flying brick and professional superheroine, with an agent and a set of endorsement deals.
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I'm still conflicted on this. On the one hand, there's a somewhat mature look at relationships. Pearl is well adjusted, not beating herself up about sleeping with a guy on her first date and seems grounded. It's just the rest of the world that's... off (more of which later)
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This month, I have been mostly reading The Luna Brother's Ultra. It's a title that picked up a sample for through Comixology's Android app (there's SO MUCH good free stuff out there). The book has recently been released as a hardcover, and has a live action trailer to advertise it. (the trailer isn't that great, actually).

The story is about a professional superheroine, Ultra aka Pearl Penalosa. She's nominally Hispanic, or at least from an Hispanic family. The story is more about her life after hours than any sort of crime-fighting escapades. The book has been described as like a superhero Sex and the City, with Pearl's love life being one of the main threads that carries through the 8 issues of the book, along with her relationships with her fellow heroines.

It's not a book without problems. There's a lot of bitches, skanks and sluts being bandied around. Sometimes they're coming from asshole characters to insult our heroines. Sometimes they're being used by our heroines as terms of affection for each other. Sometimes they're just used as synonyms for woman. That's one massive thing that I had a problem with.

The sexual politics of Ultra are clearly going to be one of its main topics and I'll write about that in a few days. Just now, I only want to contribute the covers for the single issues, all of which are modelled after established magazines.

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