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Hi folks!

Ordinarily at this point I would be bringing you the next Jump Start title, but alas the first Chapter of "Lady Justice" was adjudged too NSFW (nudity) for the online edition. So instead, we'll be looking back at an old favorite.

Those of you who only saw the dub version of Yu-Gi-Oh! or even more likely just the memes are probably only vaguely aware that the manga version didn't start as a story about children's card games. That came later. It was, however, still about games.

Let's see sixteen pages of forty-nine of how it all began....

And whosoever solves this puzzle shall possess the powers of darkness )

Your thoughts and comments?
Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh moments?

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Alright, I've dawdled on this long enough (for the half-dozen of you on this community who care about such things). On with the show!

When we last left our hero, he had just saved a sadistic yet tormented henchman from some dark energy discs leg-chopping buzzsaws. Sadly, said henchman's boss simply decides to execute him in a more... discreet manner. With the hero none the wiser.

Let's skip the duel with the evil mime - though he's got one funky character design, the duel with him features an alarming lack of deathtraps. It kind of makes up for that by showing Slifer the Executive Producer Sky Dragon in action for the first time, and for the even more ridiculous system-gaming that Yugi commits to win, but eh.

Instead, we'll go on ahead to Yugi and Kaiba's tag-team match against the Mask of Darkness and Mask of Light (Umbra and Lumis, for those only familiar with the dubbed anime).

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This being the community it is, I suspect that many of you know about the less-than-family-friendly roots of Yu-Gi-Oh! To this day, it's kind of surreal for me to read the original manga - no matter how much violence and death Takahashi piles on, and no matter how nasty the antagonists act, I still find it difficult to disconnect it from the much less gritty and more lighthearted conflicts of the 4Kids anime.

Now, I know that many people believe that the series lost all its teeth when the card games took over (so the 4Kids anime, which was a dub of the series that only adapted the card game-centric storylines, never had any in the first place), but I must respectfully disagree. Even after reading the original manga, Battle City remains my favorite arc - it's got the gritty urban atmosphere of the original, pre-Duelist Kingdom storylines, but with the addition of Duel Monsters at every turn.

And the result? Sweet, sweet dissonance in which the card games look simultaneously darker and more delightfully over-the-top than ever.

Dudes in distress, manga style! )

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7 scans :)

Question: You are a champion children's card player, but you have just lost to a relative noob...

Do you, A) Reflect on your loss and vow to do better next time?
              B) Go and cry about the unfairness of it all in a corner?
              C) Watch the entire series of Yu-Gi-Oh and take notes on any genius strategies that you can use?
              D) Build a killer amusement park and lure your opponent into it, hoping to do away with him once and for all?

what do you do? )


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